How to meet mature women

Age greatly affects the acquaintance with the girl. When you are 18 to 24 years old and you are a student, you can meet in places of study or parties. Places to explore a lot of people around too, so the only thing that can become an obstacle for you – your own shyness and complexes.

Remember: Age is not a hindrance

After 25 years, you can meet on birthdays, at work, in theaters, at concerts or on the recommendations of friends. Choose places where people are open to communication. To approach, to talk and to get acquainted, it is necessary to be in contact with the masculinity and sexuality.

Ways of acquaintance

Options for Dating are different, the main thing to remember that they were all created artificially before, and now they are created artificially.
If on the street you liked the beautiful mature women, you can leave the girl a phone number with the name and surname. "I liked you, if you want – write me on Facebook or call”. This will allow you to find you in the social network and see who you are. To date, an active page in the social network – one of the important evidence that you are not a maniac.
If it's a party, you can ask for the beautiful mature women’s phone. Talk about her, about yourself. But do not go too far. At the party, we'll find out if we're right for each other. We are looking at, begin gently to ask, it's not. if the girl heart. Ends communication exchange numbers "I'll write/call you". If the girl gave phone number, the man has to take the initiative in the hands.

What not to talk about

The main thing during Dating a girl to be sincere and open, but also remember the boundaries. It is not necessary to get into much sexual and intimate topics, talk about past partners and relationships, and try to find out something. At the first meetings, this remains outside the scope.
Talk about topics that concern you and the girl: who are you, what are you interested in, what kind of music you listen to. Ask about creativity, work, plans, dreams – about everything that puts the puzzle of the person.

Main mistake

Among the main mistakes of men when meeting – excessive uncertainty, shyness, twitchiness, inability to maintain a conversation, lack of sense of humor due to tension. This negatively affects the meeting, so the man needs to work on his masculinity and acceptance of himself.
The second mistake - too strong pressure. When a girl does not know a man, aggressive pressure she likes only in one case – during ovulation.
During this period, girls prefer men with masculine facial features, deeper voice and aggressive behavior. Look for mature women pics. During ovulation, the girl is ready for sexual relations. Therefore if she is already familiar with this man or saw him earlier – can give in to a pressure.
However, in most cases, excessive pressure men girls perceive as a danger. Therefore, on the contrary, they begin to close and collapse emotionally. The main thing is to be yourself and be confident. That's what girls really like. Then they are open and feel safe.

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And you probably find a lot of reasons why you can not approach a woman on the street, in the subway, in a cinema or a cafe. You convince yourself that this can not be done in any case.
Here in the cafe you look at each other with a charming best mature women, even smile at each other... but you have not made the main step. And she, disappointed, leaves.
You see off a look the pleasant hot mature women who leaves farther and farther from you, and come back home again one. Even worse, if you just sit at home and wait for Her to come, the Woman of your dreams. I guess I'll disappoint you. She won't. If you do not make the first move. Take the initiative!
Of course, the longer you haven't met mature women pics, the harder it is to get to know them. The right words go out of your head, get cold in your mouth, you don't know what's smart to say. But keep in mind anything clever to say you do not have to. When meeting smart and serious words to anything, they only interfere.

What is necessary to meet a woman?

1) Let's define the purpose of acquaintance. Let's say you want to meet hot mature women to have sex with her. The purpose is natural and clear, but you will not approach the woman and will not offer her sex at once. If the purpose of Dating: just invite a woman to his sex, then you are 99% of the risk of running into failure (and this is exactly what you do not want to get). Therefore, it is logical to assume that the purpose of Dating should be different.
Therefore, the main goal is divided into several stages:
• acquainted
• take the phone
• arrange a meeting
• date (or multiple dates)
• sex
That is, the maximum target is divided into small targets.
The smaller the goal you set for yourself, the easier it is for you to get acquainted. It is much easier to get acquainted with a best mature women in order to take the phone than to call her to the nearest cafe for a Cup of coffee (she can refuse you not because she did not like you, but because she has no time, and you take it on your account).
If you want love, long term relationships, it is also ridiculous to offer friendship and heart… Your best friend - self confidence. No certainty anywhere. If you are unsure, it is automatically felt by others, and it pushes away from you women.
Confidence is necessary for both men and hot mature women, but if women are insecure in relationships with men excusable, insecure man looks in the eyes of the women are weak and not courageous to raise your confidence.
Why do you play for a long time in the altercation with the mature older women you like, but do not come to meet her? You are hampered by the usual fear... What are you afraid of? Being rejected? Seem funny? Ridiculous? Stupid?
Most likely, you have already had a negative experience. You've already been rejected, maybe laughed at, or passed by with a stone face. Keep in mind that all these reactions of the woman did not apply to you. Most likely, mature older women had a negative experience of Dating or relationships with men, or bad spirits, or her protective mask, which she wears all life, without removing defensively thus not is from you and from all men. Work out your fears in our training " Conquer your fears!". Don't let your fears ruin your life.
Want to meet? You want sex? Love? Family? Then don't expect a woman to come and meet you. Learn to communicate. Then you will not have to think about how to talk, what to say, what to say. While you think, all beautiful and worthy women will be sorted out by others, more courageous and sure.
Shyness, confusion, stiffness, tension, complexes – your enemies. As when communicating in a foreign language, there is a language barrier, and when communicating in your language, there may be a speech barrier. If you have a barrier of communication, come to our training "master of communication". To communicate, we must learn to communicate, and never too late to learn.

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