Factors that make you good lovers even after 60

Many people are single in their 60s, and only few of them remain in active search. How to improve that and are we really ready to be happy at any age? Let’s check together!
Specialists’ studies confirm men are still sexually healthy and energetic after 60, on a condition that they eat natural food, exercise, and enjoy life, for example travel a lot. In general, European and western men respond to those conditions so they do deserve the best partner for them. Here are their reasons for 60+ dating:
• Men who keep on working after 60 and work internationally, travel between different countries, see the world, are psychologically prepared to international dating. It allows them to use their knowledge about other cultures or even foreign languages, helps to refresh and broad their mind.
• Men who dedicate a few hours a day to themselves and their favourite occupation, for example swim in the morning or go fishing with friends, look and feel much younger than their peers who are stuck in boring indoor activities and melancholy. Sexual potency completely depends on men’s inner state and daily habits.
• There is a difference between widowers, divorced men, and never married men. All of them want to know how to date over 60 but they have a different motivation. Never married men are the most positive, brave, and easy-going daters who had less psychological traumas and don’t mind to travel far away to meet their new mate. Therefore, other two categories of men should work on themselves and become more positive.
• It’s in fashion nowadays to eat organic food and use alternative medicine. Men who do that, are very youthful but they also demonstrate their ability to spend more money for a better life. Senior dating over 60 with a younger woman with model parameters definitely raises the quality of life, but also requires certain investments, similar to your investments in your own health. Vegans and self-healers potentially have bigger chances to date successfully.
• Age after 60 is actually fruitful and financially independent as western men either have their own business or considerable savings to that moment. They have time and financial possibility to enjoy life much more than they could at 30-40 years. Many call it the golden time. Then why not to try 60+ dating and share this time with a single beauty, Eastern Europen or Asian, who would make your days brighter? The only quality you need for such a decision, is bravery.

How to date a younger woman and be cool

It’s true that some seniors prefer to date women of the same age and live a calm life with them: short trips, shopping and gardening together, watching TV, playing board games, gathering neighbours for a BBQ meal. But the majority of 60+ singles find their second wind and literally want to start over again. That’s why they are searching for younger women and feel completely comfortable about that. Do you want that too? Then you need to know a couple of simple rules!
1. Younger women don’t mind to date seniors, if men are youthful, fit, open-minded, and supportive. Senior dating over 60 becomes a norm and is greatly welcomed in many countries. The world is changing so now we see like never before that age is just a number. If you realize that, it will be easier for you to make the first step.
2. Do not try to communicate with younger women like their peers do, this way you will neutralize your main advantage: wisdom. Girls exactly expect that you will write something mature to them, something that proves how reliable you are. Describe your life, her perspectives if she’s with you, your kind and protective character. It doesn’t obligatory mean that you present yourself as a sugar daddy, but it makes the benefits clear.
3. Discuss sex in another manner than young men do. When some girls initiate virtual sex and get naughty too fast, it only means they are paid professionals or vulgar beings who write the same to everyone. You won’t be happy to get to know them in real life, so better avoid them from the beginning. The best is to meet a classy lady, balanced and reasonable, who will be passionate only with you. You think it’s impossible? You just have to find the right app with serious Eastern European women, and there are plenty of them.
4. When you already set up a date, find a golden middle between being old-fashioned and being very modern. Flirt freely but respectfully. Show her that your age is a guarantee of skilful treatment of a woman. If you turn it into your special charisma and become a magnet for younger females, that you certainly know how to date over 60!

How to satisfy a woman when you’re over 60

Some men are stopped by these doubts thinking sex isn’t for them anymore. Others are ready to find a lover right away but don’t know what to do with her in a bed. Let us give you some tips and your mutual satisfaction will be impressive.
• Proper food and diet has a strong influence on the body at any age. A few hours before your intimate challenge, eat oysters, prawns, pine nuts, spinach and celery. Be careful with artificial or too strong stimulators, you should think of your health first. Keep in mind that your woman’s diet is your great helper too: buy her strawberries, a lot of them. Firstly, combining them with good champagne is very romantic and seducing. Secondly, it has a big effect on a woman’s body: she may become multiorgasmic even if only your finger works this night!
• Talking about fingers: don’t feel bad about using all extra tools you have. Train your tongue to work long minutes if not hours, and definitely don’t eat any garlic or chili pepper prior to that. Feel free to use devices from the sex shop too, especially if it’s your second or third night together. Come on, lots of modern women enjoy strap-on even on other women, so why not on you? After strawberries, she may not notice the difference between it and the real thing! Moreover, using it may excite you so much that your natural potency will sky-rocket. Remember that 60+ dating shouldn’t be boring!
• Some women are absolutely tireless and completely determined to please you. Again, after strawberries and champagne their commitment becomes limitless. You can benefit from their enthusiasm and intensively finger them while they are playing with your Mister. You’ll greatly enjoy her juicy happiness!
• If your choice is an Asian woman and not a European one, change the rules of the game as she is rather submissive. It’s a celebration of another kind since you can try all assortment of sex shops on her and she will gladly accept your experiments. It allows you to relax about your own abilities, fully satisfy her, and receive an enormous visual pleasure. You can even make a home video for you two, if she doesn’t mind.
• Another secret of how to date over 60, is hiring a masseur for her. Of course, it should be a female masseur so that your partner won’t compare you to a younger man. Make sure this particular masseur accepts frank things, and combine your caresses with her touches on your beloved’s body. The presence of another woman will additionally excite you, and you’ll perform very well. If a masseur is shy, you can make a final act after she leaves.
• You already understood that a bright sexual life only begins after 60. But it’s not always about experiments. Some things remain classical through the years! For example, women will never stop loving beautiful words. Dedicate one evening to tenderness only. Whisper all possible compliments to her ear while you are slowly entering her with any tool you’ve got. If your words are nice enough and skilled enough, even a finger can bring fireworks to her so calm down and strengthen this pleasant process for hours. You may be surprised by your woman’s endless potential on that evening. Even the most active females need such gentle sessions from time to time. Senior dating over 60 is a lot of fun, and you won’t be disappointed by your bravery.