Why senior online dating offers big perspectives

Have you heard the saying that sex over 50 y.o. is sweeter than ever before? We actually hope that you practice that regularly!
For 50+ singles, international dating is desirable for many reasons:
• In Eastern European, Asian and Hispanic cultures dating an older man isn’t perceived as wrong. Quite the opposite, society finds it natural that a man plays the role of protector and a wise friend.
• Men over 50 reportedly have more possibilities for travelling, since their careers are getting slower and they already have some savings allowing them enjoy life.
• After entering the second half of their life, men start to realize they need to hurry up and compensate all the monotonous routine they previously had. Travelling, exploring other cultures, and tasting new exotic bodies is the best way to catch up!
But that’s not all. Many western men are also searching for a greener grass on another side because they missed classical values and joyful relationships. American and European women are often influenced by the TV propaganda of consumerism, feminist movement, career-oriented lifestyle, and even LGBTQ moods. None of that has such an extent in so-called third-world countries. Women remain caring, calm, balanced, feminine, family-oriented, and healthily submissive there. That’s why international dating online attracts men like a magnet!

Same-age or younger women: what is better?

For answering this question, you should define first which nationality you choose to date. In some countries, women tend to look young and even a bit childish when they are 50+ already. These are, particularly, South Korean, Bolivian, some Ukrainian women. Here are some tips how to pick a woman who are going to look youthful after years together:
1. Choose petite women. There is a saying in Russia, "a petite dog is eternal puppy”. It is often said about women of short height who tend to stay in shape easily and even their facial skin ages slowly. That’s a phenomenon known as a daddy girl effect: women just get used to their compact and cute looks, and keep on wearing childish outfits, hairstyle, and makeup even in older age. Asian women, in general, have this tendency as there is a cult of youth in their countries and local men are obsessed with females’ childish looks.
2. Choose vegans or organic food eaters. It’s a new trend now in Eastern Europe to eat healthily, and you can define your future partner’s likes on early stage, during free senior dating online. Many dating apps list in their questionnaires the food preferences, and you will see how many women vegans are out there.
3. Choose women who take care of themselves. It may seem obvious, but it isn’t. A woman can be well-groomed or not, and it doesn’t depend on presence of kids, hard work, financial level etc. The main factor is her strong willing to look feminine and her established habits to put efforts for that. Russian and Ukrainian women know especially well how to look gorgeous with the minimal budget, so just analyze all of their casual photos thoroughly and you’ll get the whole picture.
4. Choose sportive women. It isn’t common for Eastern European or Asian women to spend long hours in a gym or playing sports. A new generation is doing that, but your female peers aren’t. Only some of them have an exercise bicycle at home, but rarely ever use it. If you’re an experienced sportive man and healer, you already know that sport isn’t about exercising only. It should be a lifestyle! Therefore, you should choose those women whose photos illustrate their very active outdoor life: hiking, camping, swimming, jogging, playing volleyball, or whatever.
5. Choose positive thinkers. The world is evolving and we already know how positive or negative vibes affect our body. The power of our mind is incredible, so we are really getting what we believe in. If a woman is clearly stressed all the time about her former divorce, bad experiences, lack of money, children’s problems, family issues, politics in her country, she will age much quicker! That’s a proven scientific fact and even psychologist often talk about it. Therefore, you should pick a woman who is healthily careless, optimistic, easy going, smiling no matter what, and a good listener and supporter.
If you prefer dating much younger woman and not 50+ singles, it’s good for you too. You should have no fear or doubts, since it’s a frequent practice in a today world to get married despite of a big age gap. It’s better if you are prepared to the myths about younger female partners, and know how to act in each particular case. Let us help you out with that.

The most frequent myths about dating a younger girl

Although Wikipedia and other sources are full of success stories about happy couples with a considerable age difference, here’s still plenty of conservative thinking in masses. Only if you know how to fight those misinterpretations, you’ll succeed in your relationship as well. So here are some of the stereotypes that need to be dispelled in dating for seniors over 50:
• Different values in life and topics to discuss. It’s not true as people’s mentality is getting very similar nowadays in any age. We all love to travel, move, have fun, dance, eat new dishes, have new experiences, make love, make money, do crazy things, enjoy adventures. We all want that not depending on age! So in fact, couples with the age gap never have problems other people predict to them. They perfectly find what to talk about and what to do together.
• A young girl’s unfaithfulness. There’s no such phenomenon and it absolutely isn’t proven. Quite the opposite, older women get tired of the same partner and monotonous private life so they often make attempts to try something new. Unlike them, young girls already had enough of unstable boyfriends before and they really appreciate a reliable man who can support them in all meanings. They rarely, very rarely jump into another relationship of affair if things go well.
• Young Bimbos’ materialistic attitude. For sure, there are always some Instagram models who crave only public attention, expensive accessories and luxury life. But they usually go directly to sugar dating sites and have nothing to do with free senior dating on apps. Plus, you can easily detect and filter them out. Many Eastern European girls are serious in their search, and they are actually able to make their own money even when they move abroad. As to Asian brides, some of them come from wealthy families especially if it’s South Korea or Singapore. These women hate when someone tries to buy or bribe their love, and they do search for a good reliable man with true values in life.
• Young women need too much sex which you cannot provide. This one is ridiculous as many modern men lead quite a healthy lifestyle and find their second wind after 45. In fact, many realize they didn’t have enough intimacy with cold or busy western women so they switch to girls of another nationality. Very often, if men need this kind of compensation, they find joy and fulfilment with Brazilian, Cuban, or other Latina girls. Asian or Arab girls bring them long-expected relief being completely submissive, and Eastern European ladies suit those lovers who prefer a woman’s initiative in a bed.
• Girls in their late teens and after have enormous whims and are unstable. Don’t be afraid of that. Only American and probably Canadian, sometimes British girls are too immature and unstable. You cannot say that about Slavic or let’s say Filipina girls. They used to hardships since their earliest years, and simply cannot be spoiled or capricious. If they are, it’s just their way of flirting and asking for your attention. Just enjoy their sparkling character and playful manners, it’s what you have missed with older females.
Myths are profitable only to those ones who wants our society to remain in fears, boundaries, limitations, religious dogmas, and other kinds of mental slavery. Wise and open-minded 50+ singles are called to close this old page and become the winners of new times. If you communicate more with very young women online, you will quickly find out they don’t mind your age at all. It’s only attractive and sexy in their eyes as they are extremely flattered to be desired by someone strong and experienced. Enjoy their openness and live your life with zest.