Top 7 apps to meet mature women or men 2019 (BrilicApp, MDN, POF, OurTime, FMD, Tinder, SPM)

Online Dating apps are an absolute revolution in the field of romance that expands our choices. It is very important that the main motivation of people in Tinder and Grinder is the search for a permanent relationship. There is a perception that these applications are mainly used for one-night sex. No, all the research shows that's not the case lately. It's one thing in a pub: we moved and went. And then you can look for! It seems to you that on the website you will find someone to your liking.

Brilic: Serious senior dating

The idea behind Brilic: Serious senior dating is speed. Swipe left or right — and nothing more. And this leads to addiction: people flipping through photos for an hour and a half a day.
The developers are trying to make Dating apps as simple and convenient as possible, so that users can use the service without problems and lags. One such application is Brilic: Serious senior dating. Created in the recent year, it corresponds to all new technologies. For example, the main idea of its use – is the Commission of swipe, which greatly facilitate the process. Mobile application "Brilic: Serious senior dating" allows you to find interesting people, close in spirit and Hobbies.

Application feature

• The ability to view profiles and find users by their location;
• The presence of a special function – Matchmaker. It automatically picks you up a couple based on your interests and beliefs;
• The distribution of profiles according to groups of interests or location;
• The ability to capture the moment and share it with others – thanks to the Moment's function, the application itself will delete the uploaded photos every two days.

Senior People Meet

It is a network of acquaintances with multilingual support, which is widespread all over the world. A distinctive feature of the site is that it is looking for people of your interests who are nearby. That is, is determined by your location and have it selected suitable partners. Because of this, you can easily meet in life with those with whom you have common views.
Those who are accustomed to always being connected, it is recommended to download the POF Dating app on Android or iOS. Availability and the ability to instantly respond to new notifications and messages make the application very convenient and easy to use. Here you will find not only a person of interest, but also someone with whom you can meet without obstacles in real life.

Mature Dating Network

One of the oldest Dating platforms. With the development of mobile technologies appeared and programs for smartphones. The main thing for which not only new users, but also long – time fans of the service can download the application Mature Dating Network on your phone-full integration of all necessary functions and the ability to always stay online.


To get started with the application, you need to download it. This can be done both on the iPhone and on Android. Registration is carried out only through Facebook. After installation, you need to provide detailed information about yourself to interest other users and post your photos. Although checking for the reality of accounts is not made here, pages-fakes across a little.
In the search box you are looking for a couple of the specified parameters. The Tinder app allows you to browse your accounts anonymously and like the profiles you like. Here, in addition to like/dislike there are other variations of the expression of your sympathy.
Also, in addition to Facebook, you have the ability to link Instagram to the Tinder app. This will make it possible to conveniently share photos.

Paid service

• Super like - automatically puts likes, which attracts the attention of users to you. Available in limited quantities - 1 time per day. To use the function unlimited, you need to pay $ 30;
The lack of advertising. Yes, for a fee you will disable annoying ads, which sometimes interfere with the normal operation of the application;
• Opens access to questionnaires from around the world, not only close to geolocation;
• Ability to go back to the previous user.

The advantages of the application

• Linking to Facebook. Although many do not like it, but the audience that moves from Facebook to Tinder, more extensive, especially given the geographical aspect. Therefore, the chance to find a foreigner is much higher;
• Speed of use. There are no unnecessary movements or gestures. And download the app "Tinder" on your phone is not a difficulty;
• You write only on mutual sympathy. So if you like someone and he reciprocated, know that it is sincere;
• Possibility to install Tinder app on Android and IOS.

Drawbacks of the service

The main drawback-a lot of advertising, which can sometimes interfere with the application. In addition, the free Dating app "Tinder" is aimed at a quick transition to live communication, which is not always convenient for users.

POF Dating

The POF Dating mobile app is on the list of the best Dating apps. The simplicity and brevity of its interface allows you to get used to and understand in minutes. Starting with the registration, everything is simple and clear even on an intuitive level.

Pros of the service

You can register when you enter your username, password and email. Mail can be any: both Russian and international. You can also log in through accounts in Facebook, Vkontakte. Then you fill in your profile. Remember that the more you fill in information about yourself, the more you will be interested and attract new people.
The application uses photo-verification of your reality through special moderators. Only after their approval and confirmation of your identity will you be able to continue using this application.

Free app features:

• The ability to send an unlimited number of messages.
• Advanced privacy and security settings.
• You can leave the "like" mark.
• Upload your photos and change your settings.
• You can search for users by specific parameters.
• Paid features
• View profiles on POF Dating, from which came the mark "I like".
• Placing profiles in the top.
• Turn on stealth mode.
• The purchase of stickers to enhance the communication and make it even more emotional.
• The original design of the questionnaire.

The advantages of the application:

1.Users are becoming more and more, which means you have more chances to find like-minded people.
2. Only real accounts.
3. The ability to download the POF Dating app for IPhone and Android.
4. POF Dating app supports more than 20 languages, including Russian.
5. Personal data protection.

Cons of the service

The only drawback is that the free Dating APP POF Dating, unlike the paid version, has a lot of advertising, which can sometimes interfere with the normal use of the service.

OurTime - Meet 50+ Singles

Search that allows you to find someone by several criteria, including age, gender, location and personal preferences. Here you can also use the sorting according to the relevance of questionnaires and the availability of photos.

Pros of app

Messages for dialogues with those who reciprocated.
Photo line, where you can see the new records of users who are nearby. You can also upload your photos and view streams from participants from around the world.
Section "Dating", where you can quickly evaluate photos. Swipe right-like, left-go to the next record.
The last section-view your personal account. Here you can change information about yourself, order paid services and customize the application.
Download the free app for Dating OurTime-Meet 50 + Singles can any owner of devices on Android or IPhone, through the official stores Play Market and App Store respectively. As befits such programs, there is an age limit of 18+.

Free service:

• Unlimited messaging.
• Upload personal photos.
• Convenient search and sorting of questionnaires.
• Editing your data.
• Paid features
• Raising the rating of their profiles.
• Purchase bonuses to send the interlocutors stickers and gifts.
• VIP status connection.

The advantages of a mobile service:

• The ability to search for people on geotags.
• Authorization through all popular social networks.
• Easy interface, not overloaded with unnecessary elements.
• The overall operation of the program even on weak devices.

Disadvantages of the program

The main, at the moment, the disadvantage of the application OurTime-Meet 50 + Singles is too Intrusive advertising paid features, with participants repeatedly observed poor control over spam by the site administration. Also frustrating is the restriction on adding new contacts to friends.

FirstMet Dating: Meet People

The first version of FirstMet Dating: Meet People for Android and iOS mobile platforms was introduced back in 2010. At the heart of both the application and the main site is a classic system for such services: a new user needs to install the application OurTime - Meet 50+ Singles, register a questionnaire, fill in all the necessary information and add a photo. At the same time, unlike many similar platforms, in FirstMet Dating: Meet People anyone can create a profile directly in the application, without having to open the official website.
In the modern form, the mobile application FirstMet Dating: Meet People has 5 tabs, each of which is made in the same style. Consider the categories in more detail.
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