Top 5 dating sites to meet seniors

If you look at the statistics of real Dating without sites and applications, heterosexual couples find each other easily: the density of meetings between men and women is very high. And the possibility of meeting the same-sex couples is very low, because the percentage of people of non-traditional orientation is in principle small.
An important point: people used to form families to move away from their parents and have the opportunity to have sex. At the same time, they calmly treated the creation of a family with a pragmatic goal, without the incredible compatibility of common interests: he earns, she sits at home. However, gradually growing belief that marriage should be concluded on the incredible love.

To the question " Do you prefer to date people of your race?"were more likely to say no. We are becoming more tolerant. But if you check who really choose, we will see that from 2009 to 2014 nothing changes. This is a confirmation that people have learned to Express themselves politely, but not necessarily act accordingly (according to data provided by Seniorpeoplemeet).
The next interesting factor: the dependence of the number of messages on the growth of [person]. Women above 6 feet (approximately 182 cm-approx. "Paper") it falls flatly. In men, on the contrary, grows — and falls a little only at the highest. This is a preview of preference.
And now look at those who have formed pairs and left Seniorpeoplemeet. We will find a huge difference between what people prefer and what they choose. Growth does not matter at all in the formation of a pair. Just as women claim that a man's earnings are very important, while in reality they are not. Or, for example, people say that appearance is not so important, although in fact it is important for them.

Other observation. For example, there is a girl that most users find more or less cute. And estimating appearance of other girl, users will be accurately divided into "for"and " against". And will write it more often. If a person has some "flaws" (like tattoos), he gets more messages. If you think you have flaws, show them. This can catch — you will have fans.
It is clear that it is very useful for women to show the cutout on the chest (however, the demand for these photos falls in the age range of women from 18 to 32), and for men, on the contrary, the naked torso should not be shown, because it causes a negative reaction.
Once upon a for the sake of experiment removed all the photos on the site. During this time, the dynamics of correspondence has decreased significantly. But people answered 40 % more often, and conversations were tied deeper. Exchange phone numbers and e-mails would happen more often.

What do people most often want to ask on these sites? Here are the main questions: "How do you feel about God?", "How important is sex in a relationship for you?", "How do you feel about Smoking?". At the same time, questions that have an effect and get more answers sound like this: "wouldn't it be fun to drop everything and sail away on a yacht?", "Have you travelled anywhere alone?".
Pros of service
This is a very popular social network, which is designed to find and meet people who are close to you. More than 20,000 new users register here every day. With the application, it is easy to communicate thanks to a simple interface and a multifunctional chat, where you can write SMS, send smiles, photos, focuses on a large number of personal photos in the profile. When added, they are necessarily moderated. They can be evaluated, commented. Photos participate in the photo contest.
Application with great functionality:
• In the tab "Meetings" you can find mutual sympathy by viewing photos of users and noting your favorite.
• The "My news" section contains information about who visited your pages, who likes you. There are also people who liked your photo in the photo contest.
• "Photo contest" shows your fans and contestants.
• The” Messages " correspond with friends and other users of the application.
• Free app features
• Registration and communication are absolutely free.
• Search for friends through other social networks, email, etc.
• Vote, comment and rate photos.
• Gallery extension.
• Editing settings in the system.
• Awareness of profile guests, those who liked your photo.
Paid features:
• You can see who wants to meet right now when you connect Vip-status.
• Send gifts.
• Look for people nearby.
The advantages of the application:
• In order to download the application Maturedatinguk on the phone does not need a lot of free space, because it takes about 60 MB.
• Users very much.
• The ability to download the application not only on Android, but also on other platforms.
• Simple, user-friendly interface.
• Wide range of functions.
• To register, you can use an account in other social networks.
• Paid features are easy to pay for by earning money through games.
Cons of the service
A small drawback is the presence in the application of users who can write obscenities and insults. Ignoring such people will quickly get rid of the problem. In addition, it turned out that the words in the spirit of sexy, beautiful, hot, cutie cause a negative result. But cool, nice, fascinating, awesome — positive. In addition, if a man shows that he can apologize, and writes sorry, it increases the chances of developing a relationship by 40%.

Eharmony service is very popular for Dating and communicating with other registered users, of which there are more than 100 million. When registering, you will need to add a photo, fill out a form. In the second - photos are added from the social network, you can Supplement them with pictures from the phone gallery. Here you will also need to specify some data (purpose of acquaintance, character, level of sociability, external data). The simple interface resembles the application Vkontakte, so to understand the placement of sections, settings will not be difficult for anyone.
Free features
In Eharmony, in the "Dating" section, you can search for a person by different criteria - gender, age, place of residence (city). After you set up a search, the questionnaires are displayed one at a time. This is convenient due to the fact that you can immediately see all the information about the person - personal data, photos, etc. Other users can send admiration, like, send gifts. In the section "Likes" you can see who you like, with whom the likes are mutual, and from whom you cause admiration.
Eharmony allows you to exchange SMS and gifts. If necessary, you can complain about a particular user, add it to the blacklist or favorites. Not all users can write or reply, it depends on the status:
• registration is absolutely free.
• You can write messages to other users, but not to everyone.
• Upload photos.
• View likes and mutual matches.
• You can see people nearby.
• Change the settings of the profile information in the questionnaire.
Paid features:
• Sending gifts to other registered participants.
• Viewing guests is available only when you connect Vip status.
• You can also see the fans when you connect the Vip service.
• Sending admiration to users.
• Several registration options.
• Many options for the program language, which can be changed in the settings.
• The interface is familiar and understandable for many people, easy to understand.
• Large number of participants.
• Download is carried out on smartphones with Android, iOS.
• It is possible to connect Vip status for a week for free, the money for the service is not removed.
Cons of the service
Not all users can write, for example, Vip-questionnaires can write only the same participants. Sometimes there are errors (uploading photos, etc.), which are corrected in the next versions of the application.

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