OurTime.com provides a forum for men and women over 50. Although there are several online dating sites where persons in this age group could join, OurTime.com is dedicated to mature singles who are searching for love, dating, relationship, and happiness.
OurTime.com realizes the differences in the choices of singles in their 30s and 40s and singles in their 50s. Persons in their 50s are experienced and are sure of what they want. That is why the platform, OurTime.com, aims at bringing people in this age bracket together so that they can mingle, make friends, find love, and have lasting relationships.
There are several singles of over 50 years on the site because it focuses on their particular interests and desires by making the site strictly for them. Although there are persons below age 50 on the website, the bulk of the members on the network are over 50. Realizing that most singles in that age group are likely to have been married before but probably lost their partners or are divorced or separated. Consequently, they deserve a platform where they could be respected, irrespective of their reasons for joining an online dating site.
Registering on OurTime.com is free. With a working email address, you are ready to start the adventure of finding your right partner. Immediately after signing up, you get to view other users’ profiles, even though some features are not available to non-paying members. Therefore, if you desire more than viewing profile photos, you need to upgrade to a paying member.
To be able to use features like receiving and sending emails, seeing those who viewed and Fave’d your photo, etc. you have to upgrade to a paying member. The payment plans are $20.97 for one month, $63 (one-time payment) for six months (Standard Plan), and $75.43 (one-time fee) for six months (Best Value Plan). The only difference between the Best Value Plan and the Standard Plan is that the former lets you see when other members read the messages you sent to them.

Advantages of OurTime.com

1. OurTime.com is very easy to use. Compared to some online dating sites, it does not have extraneous designs and features that waste time and have little or nothing to do with their dating experience. The interface is simple and allows members to post up to thirty photos.
2. OurTime.com allows members to buy tokens to improve their popularity by getting featured and highlighted. You would use about 20 tokens for each session you wish to promote yourself. 25 tokens cost $.99, and 280 tokens cost $10. However, you should cancel the purchase correctly, else, it will be auto-renewed.
3. OurTime.com has photos and profiles of real people, unlike other dating sites.

Disadvantages of OurTime.com

1. OurTime.com is advertised to be for singles over 50 years old but there several young men and women between age 20 and 40 on the website. The female members are competing with younger women on the platform since people prefer the younger ones to those in their 50s. At least, the minimum age requirement should be maintained to make the site what it was promised to be.
2. Another challenge members complained of is the high number of young men and women who are looking for sugar momma and sugar daddy on the website. Since OurTime.com is a paid platform, it is not expected that such anomalies should be happening.
3. Many members misuse the opportunity of thirty pictures by uploading photos that are not theirs.
4. Several members complain of charges on their credit card because the site has an auto-renewal policy and does not clearly explain how to cancel it.
5. Customer service phone number is not displayed on the website.