Lumen app Review from experts in senior relationships.

Lumen ★★★★★
Editor’s Rating
Overall 5 stars
Price 5 stars
Features 5 stars
Communication 5 stars
Safety 5 stars
Customer Support 5 stars

General description

Lumen is a brand new dating app for seniors sponsored by the Badoo founder, Andrey Andreev. A product is developed and maintained by Antoine Argouges and Charly Lester which is only beneficial for its quality and safety. Every profile includes 3 photos minimum and an extended bio. The photos are big and bright, the fonts are large and clearly visible, which is an advantage for people with weakened vision. The app design and features are ultra-modern yet simple and comfortable. Lumen was created for 80 million senior singles in all Europe and North America.


Free downloading and signing up
Lumen Premium $59.99
Strengths in comparison with similar apps
• Insists on the photo verification
• New conversations are limited to 3 a day so one cannot get spammed
• The introduction messages should contain at least 50 characters which prevents shallow talks
• Has an interesting blog with exciting and actual topics
• Younger people aren’t allowed to join the app
• It is totally free!

Editor’s conclusion

Seniors dating scene has been ignored for decades which is a shameful loss for a dating business and a big disappointment for senior singles. For sure, some dating sites and apps for mature people exist, they can even be popular, but all of them are united by the same disadvantages.
Ironically, existing apps for senior dating mostly cover the audience in the USA and partially Canada. Like matures from other countries don’t want to date! The number of available applications is ridiculously small: this fact supports the myth that seniors don’t use smartphones and iPhones much. If it was so, Russian and Asian dating sites wouldn’t be full of 60-years old men’s profiles, for example. The majority of modern people are still financially successful, mentally sharp, sportive, technically skilled, and sexually active in their 60s and above, not talking about millennials who are so much in bloom. Moreover, lots of senior people do prefer to date same-age partners. The absence of decent apps for them looked like a kind of discrimination.
Seniors are a sensitive category of people, they can be cheated for money easier and scammers don’t miss this opportunity. At the same time, sites and apps administrators aren’t always on duty to protect their users. Online safety and customer service are the basic features demanded by older users but exactly these features are nearly absent in existing apps! In general, the situation is catastrophic and this fragile segment of society is getting more negative experiences with every next attempt.
And here it comes – reliable and professional developers supported by the biggest dating giant launch their super-modern and perfectly protected application called Lumen. It has no cons at all except for a small number of users because it’s still new. But there are no doubts the number will quickly increase, even skyrocket thanks to a great quality promised by talented developers and famous sponsors.
Psychologically safe and reassuring atmosphere is extremely important for an older person who already had enough stresses in life. The creators of Lumen not only care about users’ safety in many ways but also provide them with what they really need: meaningfulness. Lumen just isn’t the right territory for a shallow and skin-deep culture where looking to hookup is normal. Older people aren’t after that, they read a lot, they think a lot, and they need someone to share these thoughts with. That’s why the developers took such measures as not allowing younger people to join the app, verifying the main photo with the help of selfie, requesting at least 3 photos and extended bio, demanding longer introduction letters instead of just "hi”.
Plus to that, customer support is quick and brilliant, the activity of users is tracked, and potential scammers have zero chances. But users are also encouraged to promptly report about them, and such reports will never be ignored. Does it sound like a dating paradise for seniors? Well, it is! It’s exactly the case when professionals choose to use their skills for making people happier instead of getting an enormous but unfair profit of them. Therefore, trying Lumen dating app is highly recommended to all mature singles worldwide.

Technical characteristics

Size: 16.1 MB
Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or later; iPhone, iPad, iPod touch