Positive examples from real life

Who said you can’t find love when you’re 70? A modern world proves it’s wrong!
Miss Ukraine Alexandra Nikolayenko gave birth to both of her children when her husband Phil Ruffin was over 70. He is now 84 but they are still a lovely couple with strong mutual feelings. All their interviews and common friends’ stories are an evidence that Alexandra wasn’t after the money only when she decided to become Phil’s wife. It was a true union based on friendship and sexual attraction that turned into beautiful love.
A beautiful Russian actress Marina Zudina got married to a movie director Oleg Tabakov when he was 60 but their second child was born when Oleg already turned 71 y.o. Oleg became Marina’s first love and she remained his biggest fan even after his death, much later on.
Those are famous people but such stories happen in everyday life too. Women who make such a choice, are often asked why they made it, and their answers always impress:
• "I lost my father early, but Michael didn’t just become a father’s figure for me, he became literally everything for me. My best friend, my one and only lover, my second half. He gave me a strong shoulder in my career, hobbies, raising children, all other spheres. I never felt he was 70 or more, and I did everything I could to make him look and feel even younger” (Inna, 32, Ukraine).
• "I didn’t think much about partners with a big age gap before, as our local men look bad even in their 40s. But I was pleasantly surprised how much better western men look and behave after 60s and even in their 70s! When I met Richard, I was so impressed by his good shape and sharp intellect. I didn’t meet such smart men before. No wonder I was totally enchanted and we got married soon!” (Elena, 28, Russia).
• "Honestly, I was searching for a senior boyfriend for my mom on the Internet. But when Jess came to our city and I spoke to him, I understood I will never let anyone take him from me. Sorry mom! He appeared to be so gallant, loving, warm, kind-hearted, witty, and charming in his own way. I couldn’t resist! We immediately started to date and in 6 months, I moved to him with all my belongings”. (Olga, 35, Belarus).
• "My ex-boyfriends were older than me as well, but I had no idea I will fall in love with a 70 years old man. We are joking that he is 70 years young though! He is much more vigorous, healthy, and passionate than many young men I know. He is driving a motorbike on a high speed, and he doesn’t need any stimulants to drive me crazy at nights. We have a big garden now, and he made so many things there with his own hands, he didn’t hire any workers. I couldn’t live with anyone else than him, I am addicted to my Lionel now!” (Rica, the Philippines)
As you can see, these women list courtesy, protective attitude, good shape, wisdom, experience, special mature charm among 70+ singles’ advantages. But how they manage their life together, and what to expect from such a partnership? Let’s see below!

How to make a younger woman happy

Dating for seniors over 70 is no different than equal-age relationship: you should find a balance between a strong commitment and being yourself in any situation! Showing your best sides and focusing on them isn’t easy, and honestly, when you’re 70 you just want to do what pleases yourself and become a little lazy. That’s totally ok, and many women are willing to accept you as you are. But motivation increases a lot when you start dating a model-looking young woman who adores you! This is how you can avoid neglecting her:
1. Find out all her turn-ons. Statistics shows that one love making with a person’s favourite fantasy included, is more satisfying than multiple-times sex without it. Our brain is a complicated mechanism and a woman’s body proves that. It reacts powerfully on turn-ons and triggers. So if she likes sex on the terrace, give it to her! The same comes to sex in a public transport: just pay some cash to the driver and tell him you’re having a honeymoon, and an empty night bus will be at your disposal. Please her in the swimming pool, in a restaurant’s WC, or in the classroom if her first experience was there. She’ll consider you the coolest lover on the planet, and you will have a few days off after such a heroic deed!
2. Shower her with little gifts. We do not mean spoiling her or devastating your budget, just buy your further laziness and she’ll be happy, still. Most probably, she dreams of having a collection of different shoes like every woman. Purchase a nice pair from time to time, or present her a certificate so she can choose some shoes by herself. If she loves cosmetics, do the same with cosmetics, but if she likes very expensive stuff, present it on very special occasions only. Flowers is an option that never fails!
3. Be a good listener. Usually women are taught to be good listeners to their men, bear all their problems and give a piece of advice every now and then. Younger men lead a very active professional life plus they like to discuss their former partners, and poor women have no other choice but adsorbing all that. Their own memories and daily emotions remain suppressed, and sooner or later it creates problems. As an older man, you have an advantage: your life is much slower and calmer, it’s your turn to listen now. Talking out emotions and thoughts is even more important for a woman than sex, so she will be extremely thankful to you, coming back every evening with a happy smile to share more.
4. Show you care about her closest people. If a woman has a child already, never be too distant. The best is to partially pay for their studies, but even if you don’t support a child financially, show as much care as you can. Ask about a child’s mood and news at least once a day, be kind and patient. None woman can resist such an attitude towards her kid, so it will become your main bargaining chip. It’s not a very good idea to ask about her parents that often though, as you might be older than them and no one likes to focus people’s attention on that. But if her mom or dad gets sick, it’s crucial that you ask questions and send help.
5. Take her to the trips. You cannot ignore this point. 70+ singles often get used to an introverted life and close a young woman in a big boring house or in a garden/apiary where she has to work and help. No wonder they spread your wings and fly away... To not let it happen, take her out every time you can, but not less frequently than every weekend. If you cannot afford luxurious travelling, fly her to the next country by lowcost or at least show her some interesting places in your country and city she didn’t see before.
6. Surprise her body with bright sensations. This next tip is purely sexual, but you’ll highly appreciate the result. Women have problems concentrating on their physical perceptions because of the endless flow of thoughts in their heads. If their partner is older than them, other people’s words and opinions may bother them during intimacy although they don’t feel any discomfort regarding the age gap. These opinions, along with domestic worries or professional problems, are distracting them a lot and make your task to satisfy them even harder. That’s why we suggest to play the dark room game: blindfold your beloved, put her on her belly, and start slowly massaging and caressing her under accompaniment of romantic music. Whatever you do with her after, will be perceived by her in a full measure as she is completely focused on her body and nothing else. After such saturated moments, she will be crazy about you!
Nothing is too complicated if you have the key knowledge, and dating for seniors over 70 isn’t an exception. It brings much joy to you two and leaves enough space for your favourite habits and inner peace.