Why is senior audience sensitive?

You may already know that seniors are more reluctant in trying online acquaintances, for many reasons. They get a bit lazier with age, it’s not their first priority to date anymore.
But even in such cases, single seniors are being encouraged and helped by their children, friends, relatives. After all, they are still the same people who dated online since 1990s.
After 50, libido still remains high and one’s need in being heard and cared about only grows. It’s fair to search for someone and give yourself a chance to be happy and loved.
However, once senior people decide to date online again, they select the proper app more carefully than before. They don’t want to waste their time which is limited, or spend money for nothing.
Many of mature singles report they got stricter with their criterions, first of all, because their wisdom and experience grew a lot. Often, they return to online dating after being married for decades.
So it’s no wonder they have certain trust issues and want to make sure all will be great. Here are some of senior singles’ requirements to 50+ dating platforms for Android and iPhone:
• It shouldn’t be a free app, otherwise too many low-quality profiles are there.
• It should be rather classical than very trendy, but with optimized and easened features.
• Some dating blog there is helpful too since senior singles are the most helpless ones.
• A good automatic matching system is desirable, to not waste the eyesight in search.
• They obviously don’t need an elite or super expensive app, with their average quest.
Now that you know senior people’s basic demands, let’s take a look at popular apps for mature dating and analyze whether they are perfectly suitable for this audience.

Top 3 senior dating apps and more info about them

Senior dating isn’t uncommon, so there are plenty of platforms created specially for matures. We included to this list only high-rated and well-checked apps appreciated by real senior users.

No. 3. SilverSingles

This app is certainly meant for seniors only, so they don’t need to waste their time on too many non-matches. It is user-friendly, neat, simple, with the symbols enlarging option.
It is medium-priced, which is also fair. However, there are some complaints from the members about a weak matching system that often suggests inactive or fake profiles.
There’s no dating blog either. Therefore, although we like this app and would easily deal with it at younger age, we consider it a bit too challenging for a senior person who is easily tired.

No. 2. OurTime

This famous up seems to be out of competition, since literally everyone knows about it. Accordingly to that, there is a huge database of mature singles from all over the world.
Western countries are covered especially well, so it’s possible to find a match in literally every city or district. The matching system is reportedly efficient, and convenient.
However, its pricing system is somewhat complicated for a senior single especially in their 60s or 70s. There are extra payments and it’s not really clear when or why to make them.

No. 1. Brilic

Although Brilic is a newer app, it quickly became favourite among senior singles. Finally, it combines all advantages that are really important to them. Its design is fashionable yet very simple.
The profile section, messages section, search panel, and chatting window are simplified wisely enough even for an elderly person. But it gives such a refreshing and youthful feeling!
Another vital advantage is the presence of a dating blog. The majority of articles are in Russian which is very attractive for all mature Eastern European women, but there are English ones too.
Plus, Brilic specializes in Asian dating and it’s a frequent choice of older westerners because Asian women are such great helpers even to disabled partners, not talking about others.
The membership price is a bit above medium, but taking into account numerous good sides, only a few seniors would complain about it. The pricing system is very plain and uncomplicated.
Many claim the matching algorithm is so well-organized that they managed to find a special person during the free trial period! It’s certainly amazing and very inspirational for seniors.

How to date online and offline after 60?

When energetic and sportive men suddenly reach their 60s and over, they actually have no need to change their lifestyle. If they keep on exercising and eating organic, they make look like 40+.
Unfortunately, women who had to bear all the weight of family duties on their own shoulders only, may not be that fortunate with their looks, especially if they cannot afford the plastic surgery.
Not only we count on a man’s understanding in this case, but also encourage him to date a senior woman differently than he would date a young model, a dynamic and careless one.
If your togetherness with a mature female partner is really important for you, please be aware she has certain special wishes and even needs. Here are some of them just to give you an idea:
• The back massage is often vital for her, both prior to sex and, at times, instead of sex.
• It’s for sure that her diet is special already. Learn it, and take into consideration.
• Sleeping hours and a day schedule might matter a lot too, so please find out.
• At such an age, each partner needs a lot of space and their own hobbies. Respect that.
• Her family members are as important for her as ever, so try to make good friends.
• Be patient with her pets too, especially if she is getting more sentimental with age.
• Take her out often, it helps get rid the melancholy, but without wild partying.
• Do not compare her to the others, it’s especially painful when a person is fragile.
For sure, senior dating demands more kindness and empathy than dating within another age range, but that is the key to raising awareness and tender chemistry inside the couple